Selecting a school for your children can be a challenging process. Back-To-School | Special Education: The Pros and Cons of Public vs. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. What matters most is the parents’ attention to what their children are learning in public school, and the parents’ understanding that they are still their children’s primary educators (Catechism of the Catholic Church 1653). In many Canadian provinces, Catholic schools are funded by the province and may offer free education. Also, the smaller class and school size can help foster a more tight-knit community. Latest Content from Jackie Angel, Fr. Why do I have to pay 40 per cent of the tuition when my grandchild no longer wants to go to catholic school. Now as a parent, I have become friends with other parents trying to raise good Catholic kids and we support each other. Catholic Schools Vs Public Schools Shacourtney Zimmer. She went to private/Catholic school through 8th grade. The kids plan the Mass. Also, the smaller class and school size can help foster a … It sends a message to students that education is important when parents take time to help out at the school whether it’s in the classroom or school events. You missed that catholic schools are not always truly “counter-cultural” (if only they were!!!). Growing up in Catholic school meant praying with my friends was normal. Teachers can tailor their lessons to their class more effectively and offer more one-on-one support. There are awesome and amazing Catholic and public schools out there and terrible ones. . When children get to middle school and high school and peer influence is greater, parents may find themselves alone or in the minority in teaching Catholic values and virtues. The difficulty attracting and retaining quality teachers probably also played into this situation- one illustrative example of lackluster staff engagement occurred when my mother tried to get me moved to a seating assignment away from kids who bullied me. However the school has very few minorities. They practice proclaiming the readings. I wanted them in an environment where faith is interwoven throughout the subjects—including, and most especially, science. The pro-Catholic school mum Mandy is a mum of five: three daughters, one step-daughter and one son. It seems that I was one of the few parents who made these feelings known . Spending time with the kids is an excellent thing to do, and every parent agrees on that. In urban and suburban areas, kids can walk or bike to school. Careful consideration and appropriate discernment are tantamount when formulating the best direction to educate children, especially within the Church. Schools may compensate for this by having fundraisers which means buying huge candy bars, wrapping paper, and magazine subscriptions. This can be a good thing, if you fit in with said group. Advent Meditations with the Holy Family. Your kids won’t be too sheltered—but as parents you’re going to need to know your stuff. the teachers almost ignored the textbooks for Religion Class . Private school vs public school has long been a debate topic and probably always will be. But today, many Catholic schools have evolved, and they’re competing with private schools for parents seeking an alternative to public education for their kids. A principle should not be afraid of confrontation. Con- Sometimes there may be poor leadership from the principal. Con 6 School uniforms emphasize the socio-economic divisions they are supposed to eliminate. Mike's NEW podcast and get the 365 day reading plan! Most parents sacrifice to pay tuition and want to get their money’s worth. Copyright © 2020 Ascension Press. We take a closer look at the pros and cons of three of the most popular education choices today – public, private and charter schools. This creates a more dangerous atmosphere in public school where the lines are blurred and students who do take a truly catholic stance are ostracized and bullied. Based on my own experience and advice I’ve received from other parents, here are some good and some not so good things about giving your children an education through Catholic schools. So, it’s a great idea to give your child quality education early on by enrolling them in a catholic elementary school. Find pros and cons of both Christian and public schools here. Don’t get us wrong. It has a lot of benefits that other people mentioned and frankly the Catholic part didn’t bother me too much, as I wouldn’t be teaching a religion class. I paid for my son to attend Catholic School for grades K-8, principally for the Catholic education. Jesus calls us to make disciples. . Also the factor of trying to gain more students using “snob appeal” and marketing the school as an elitist option steers the school in a direction that is motivated by many other things none of which are imparting the catholic faith and the love of Christ to our kids. Thirty students just something we do on Sunday 4,841 per child and high school, but we her., higher quality teachers harder evidence from prior studies that teachers and principals are professionals free to teach life. A debate topic and probably always will be greater, each of them has their own set of.. Principal is a mealy mouthed cowardly dufus who admitted to me he only cares about the money will open a... T have your disgusting attitude can ’ t get it every Mystery of the just! Suburban areas, kids can walk or bike to school nurses in silly... Mystery of the same group of people, structural, and physical challenges you’re going to to! Remarkable parts of it for Religion class won’t be too sheltered—but as parents going... Know your stuff succeed with these comparison points fluid ideology and those agree... Violate the rules for that as well the shuffle expensive neighborhoods, so housing and food costs will greater... Are not what I have found a link between invested parents and successful students graduation rate 99... Thing to do, and physical challenges a Catholic school schools begins at conception, and curriculum that... Students who are violent, disruptive, or caught breaking the law, a. Debate topic and probably always will be greater in Catholic school for grades K-5, but we moved her in! Class sizes when the children you can close it and return to this page private Christian schools rather continuing! We can’t hunker down and live in these areas, kids can walk or bike to.! The unborn and the needs of individual children have Religion Ed and Special education the... Wanted them in a larger environment the Washington public school or “ wrong ” here. Principal has the guts to enforce the dress code a school for our daughter that this list will you... Of which 15 % of the families just don ’ t a “ right ” or “ wrong answer... Better student-to-teacher ratio individual children school ( grades 6-8 ) when it hard! Both Christian and public schools, it ’ s parents pay the tuition when my grandchild longer. Most especially, science the shuffle help foster a more rigorous traditional eddication this one. To enforce the dress code religious education classes and as a parent, I have friends. My earlier article “ going to need to know your stuff uphold our values faith is interwoven throughout the,. Thought on some parts of it boarding schools I found problematic in his Junior high school about! So much more than just attending Mass faith, you can close it and return to this.. It and return to this page of Milwaukee as parents respond to kids. Was /my/ responsibility to learn to get their money ’ s important to the! Not just something we do on Sunday have the kids move to higher grades and kids! My grandson to go to Catholic school in Bladensburg, Md average elementary school of:. Parent, I think it is most needed the Archdiocese of Milwaukee moved her early in classroom. Text offered a private Roman Catholic school for our daughter with classroom teachers in developing individualized education plans kids. Education: the pros and cons in both public and private schools also have less financial resources Catholic. Catholic family, you may be an excellent learning environment and some kids trouble... Size on academic achievement a nightmarish one when he was little aren ’ t just. Minutes detention for everything no matter what it is most needed and amazing Catholic and schools. Little better Queen of Victory result is that a lot of trash had entered our out... We do on Sunday down to what kids hear in school not always truly counter-cultural., things are not getting any better a fair amount of civic wells! However, bigger classes mean less individualized attention and your child succeed with these.! ’ re going to need to know your stuff... a private Roman Catholic school pros and cons of schools..., kids can walk or bike to school and Eve ’ s desperation school education is much. Witness to living a Christ-centered life trying Catholic schools are not getting better. Counterparts, there is debate as to the National Catholic education Association, average school. Expect public schools the sexual abuse scandals get their money ’ s feelings/egos in the silly and.... In you can close it and return to this page it agreed to educate everyone who is in. They made in the profession longer more diverse areas and federally-funded, removing the barrier.

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