from the bank and the bird sat about 20ft. Well You know what they say about opinions and what they are like. At my local Wal-Mart, there was a Remington .243 ADL for a whopping $399.97. If you want consistent sub inch groups, there is a reason target shooters use heavy guns. Sometimes less can definitely amount to so much more….. Berger recommends 1:7 or quicker for the 115-grain VLD Hunting. I’ll be adding a B&C Alaskan II stock and a nicer scope ASAP. Nope, these cheaper-than-cheap guns are available in limited areas and only in limited stores – mainly “big box” retailers like Wal-Mart, Dick’s, Sportsman’s Warehouse, and a few others. With its tight chamber and my handloads, I can safely and conservatively come within 2% of 300WM power levels – a known performer in terms of long-range hunting and one of the MOST popular cartridges in CO/UT. Subscriber Services. Since you still have not yet defined what you meant by this phrase, one has to assume that you mean at least CXP2 game and larger. I don’t have a clue who Karl Lippard is/was. It’s a bit heavier than I prefer on a varmint rifle, but it was quite smooth with no detectable creep or overtravel, so no adjustments were made. Put a Nikon 3×9 x 40 BDC reticle. Remington rifles have tighter chambers and this is one reason they shoot soo well. Due to its titanium receiver, it weighs only a bit over 6 pounds with a 2.5-8X scope, yet it consistently shoots inside 0.5 MOA. The BDL was the exact same thing except they had glaringly shiny glossed stocks and a hinged floor plate…thats it. The model 770 is known for its cheap build. Price: $1,427.00. They go back and forth on what’s better between a .270 Winchester, a 308 Winchester and a 30-06 Springfield. Overall Rating * * * * I should have bought it. Chamber throat and magazine lengths in .243 rifles do vary, and some can be long enough to seat bullets far beyond the SAAMI maximum. A 5-star “budget” rifle is not on the same playing field as a 5-star custom 1911. BTW, your daughters boyfriend sounds like an awesome guy! Model: ADL Synthetic Package It was “impossible” I was told. I bought the scoped youth Walmart version. Other than that I have no complaints. out of my new .243 out of the box after sighted in . Stainless steel and polymer are best choices for all weather all terrain guns. All the old favorites are normally there, like the classic Marlin, Remington and Ruger rifles. While I don’t have many safe queens and I love me an Arizona “pin stripe” on an XJ/TJ/YJ, my $2000+ AR’s are best kept pretty (or as pretty as possible)! Ergonomics * * * Every year around hunting season the stores in my neck of the woods (Portland Or) put Howa 1500 rifles on sale for $429 +/-. However, often overlooked is Remington?s range of carbine-size rifles named the Model Seven. This coming from a former marine with a couole of my own AR’s, and if it wasnt for the arbitrary NFA rules i would have real M4’s, and maybe not a 249 saw (because they are junk) but a shrike upper on an auto lower for the same abilities with less weight, better ergonmics, and just the shear jiy of firing belt fed. I love buying used guns and have literally bought dozens of them over the past few years. Him: “I’ve got a .50 cal. I did say that I wasn’t using it for competition shooting, and I’m not planning on hunting elephants either, unless it’s up close and personal. I noticed that there were mentions of the 700, and 788. (Ran a tap in the hole, grooved the arrow pieces and epoxied them in the factory stock. I was gonna say something similar, but you beat me to it. In addition to reducing production cost, a barrel retention nut much like the one introduced by Savage on the Model 340 rifle back in 1947 is a more precise way of adjusting headspace during barrel installation at the factory than the old trial-and-error hand method. A Remington 700 with 5 rounds of ammo. A great backup or entry-level “starter” gun. When zeroed 2.0 inches high at 100 yards, the 75-grain hollowpoint struck about 2.5 inches above point of aim at 200 yards and only a couple of inches low at 300. I have some more load development to do – mainly I want to try a few lighter bullets and some new brass, but was overall happy with my results. The .223 just wont put them down good past 200 yards (150 yards is actually the more ethical limit from the ones ive shot), but 223 really is about the most recoil i can safely stand. So unless you really just like buying new rifles, and there’s nothing wrong with that, perhaps another course of action would be to put your AR on a diet. is loaded to maximum but safe chamber pressures with bullets weighing 100 to 115 grains, that rifle consistently exceeds 6mm Creedmoor maximum velocity by 100 fps and more. I haven’t ruled out the possibility of “operator error.”, To each their own, eh? The old 1970s, 1980’s ADLs were/are fantastic rifles: ; Capable for dear but am unable to hunt dear with this in my region. I don’t study them, so I can’t argue the points that you’ve made. A few good soaks and it was as clean as new. Me: “OH… For snakes and such?” I configured this and set guidelines to go by for this. Otherwise, nice review of the ADL. Not great, but not bad for the conditions. The ADL was walnut-stocked back then. Varget and Benchmark have been excellent powders for me. and other cartridges of its caliber more suitable for varmint shooting than ever before. It doesn’t make it ethical or a generally wise-choice. I own both a standard rifle in .222 Remington and a carbine in 7mm-08. The experts said the effective range of the M1 to bring down a deer (Statistics) was 150 yds. Not me.. Sometimes I even use a single shot. 2.) Glass bedded and free floated the barrel. @Skyler – Overall, it was the combination of acceptable weight, size, accuracy, but most importantly it was the price that won me over. We wouldn’t want to poke too many holes in your logic. in the hunting fields. This scenario actually worked and got me very close to the recoil level of a .223. I am sorry, but 10 lbs pound rifles suck if you are going to be carrying them all day. Moved out to 100 yards with the same results. But today the BDL has irons and the CDL doesn’t. While the SuperCell recoil pad is not actually needed on a 11-pound rifle in .243 Win., it ranks among the best available. Especially at public ranges, where the guy next to you is checking out your groups. A bunny ear sandbag supported the toe of the stock. I went with Remington because I have an extra BDL trigger guard for a short-action and an adjustable OEM trigger hanging around if I should so desire. Not bad for a “cannon”, eh? If you are hunting over five thousand feet, don't even think about carrying that heavy cannon. While the latest heavyweights won’t kill deer any deader than good bullets weighing less, having the option of shooting them is all it would take to bring a grand old 1950’s cartridge up to date. The .243 Winchester cartridge in the new Remington Model 783 Varmint rifle is a dandy combination. On day hunts on relatively flat ground, who cares. And some of those, truth be told, were flat out misses. You sound like my daughters boy friend. Since I am no ballistic/wound expert, nor have I ever played one on TV, I have to also refer to credible sources. But it sounds as if YOU do. In 1983 the median household income in the U.S. was $19,000 and a model Seven was 0.023 percent of that. Nosler recommends 1:8 or quicker for its 105-grain Custom Competition bullet, Hornady says the same for its 103-grain ELD-X and 108-grain ELD Match bullets. It is also a .243 and bought used last week for $399 plus tax. Nice gun. What YOU may consider pertinent in a rifle is of no consequence. But like I said, it’s a tool box. And this is going to sound like complete bull to someone who believes in statistics, but I once killed a field mouse shooting it with NO bullets. I have lots of fun shooting sub MOA with expensive bolt guns and optics – but that accuracy isn’t necessary for hunting (my first deer gun was a Marlin .30-30 around 3 MOA with a Simmons scope). Any responses would be greatly appreciated! Not only have AR’s been carried, dragged, and “low crawled,” all over the world, so also have heavier guns such as the MK 203 and M249 SAW. We’re not even worthy enough to bask in your reflected glory. It also shot flat. For those who may be just getting into hunting or are trying to find a “back up” gun for the occasional friend or relative that comes to shoot/hunt with you, the ADL is a great choice. Having … I love my Remington 788 in .243. . How’s that? In the .243’s favor, the ammunition can be found easily in gunshops across the United States as well as other countries. I’m not one to argue with statistics, but I know what I’ve done and seen others do. The difference between 7lbs and 9lbs is in the noise. Finding new ways to make guns cheaper every year since the early 60’s. 6.) 5.) Why get into defending ARs? It works, but suffers from only having around 2” of eye-relief, blurred edges, and a very stiff magnification knob. All Rights Reserved. The oversize bolt handle knob is easy on the hand during prolonged shooting, and in the event of a pierced primer or blown case, the shape of the bolt shroud should do a good job of protecting the shooter from propellant gas traveling back through the receiver. I scored a .270 Winchester Remington 700 ADL back in law school for $250. The accuracy and terminal performance is incredible. People can call me a “redneck” all that they want. I can assume that throughout the past few years/decades/centuries, that thousands upon thousands of hunters have stalked prey. While the Woodsmaster entered the market in 2006, Remington introduced the Synthetic in 2007. 3.) The scope comes mounted and bore-sighted and from what I can tell, is nothing more than a Tasco World Class 3-9×40 available elsewhere for $50-60 – except that this scope has a Remington “R” on each of the turret caps. While I do agree that the 308 Win is a very effective round (it’s my favorite caliber and my license plate even says so), it certainly is sub-par for taking “bigger game” (your words, not mine) at 1000-yards. If there exists such a rifle as the definitive American .22, the Marlin Model 39 must be it. You can also hunt geese with a 28-gauge. Not great, but good enough for <300 shooting on deer size targets. Why say the old walnut ADL’s were bargain benders? Some people have good luck, some say a .222 is the minimum caliber for ‘yotes. Haven’t noticed anything undesirable about the stock but I am no expert. At my local store, they are available in .223, .243, and 30-06 – three calibers that should cover almost every game animal in North America. 1.) It’s an M700 for $400 and change (the price has gone up just a bit over the last 2 years). Second on our list … I’ve since had it partially glass-bedded and replaced scopes a time or two. I primarily shoot Hornaday58gr V-Max ammunition at 3975fps. They should not be pretty, they should be rugged!! I can consistantly disintegrate milk jugs fill with water at 200 yards. In many places, street price for the rifle (as of July 2016) is under $600. It's a deadly killer. ), than in a hunter’s hands hunting coyote ( Which is what I would do with a simple bolt action rifle like the one discussed in the article) . The package on test also includes a scope, mounts and bases. Been there, done that. ◀Previous Post Next Post Remington first rolled out the Model 783 back in 2013. You can’t find these ADL’s in any Remington catalogue or website listing. The 783 has a magnum-profiled free-floated barrel, a detachable magazine and an adjustable trigger. I too like my guns and packs light in weight – my 2-day/3-night hunting pack is under 45 lbs with shelter, gun, food, and ammo. If you get an elk or sheep that requires deboning/quartering, many guys aim to keep their “pack weight” consistent. Don’t hesitate to buy this gun if an accurate and dependable utility gun fits your needs. Recently I’ve been making friends at the local range and I finally found someone to take me coyote hunting out here in the desert (yay!). The 700 SPS Varmint is available in five different calibers; 204 Ruger, 223 Remington, 22-250, 243 Winchester and 308 Winchester. I was amazed at the accuracy and clearness of the scope. Yeah, Iv’e been reading comments on the 243 rifle. Weight wise, they are comparable, with a slight edge going to the ADL. My bolt guns are all MOA or better, which makes them more fun to shoot than less accurate bolt guns. Maybe. Whether or not a lot of hunters regularly use the .243 Winchester on varmints today I cannot say, but I can recall a time when many of us did. Customizable * * * * * I am not Rambo. It wasn’t as nice as the BDL or CDL line, but still very attractive.The SPS replaced the ADL and went to synthetic, although Remington maintained the wood-stocked BDL and CDL lines. Remington?s Model 700 action, the mainstay of its full-bore rifle range, needs no introduction. Barrett!” Me: “Really? Thank you, Skyler! (I have seen .243 ammo left behind by hunters in hunting camps around the world.). PS: was thinking of using it for bear as well. A 7.18 pound 39.5″ AR-15 style rifle is too big and clumsy for shooting coyotes? bullpup with .00 vs. a his .45 auto. It measures 1.080 inches at the receiver and tapers to 0.85 inch at the muzzle. The bedding increases the accuracy of the rifle 3 fold. Remington .243 700 SPS Bolt Action Rifle (R/H) - … My Father-in-law never believed in statistics and claimed he could aim straight at an elk with his Winchester 30-30 lever action and hit it no matter how far away (open sites and all)! Until someone told me that my stock was shitty, I didn’t even notice. I’d rather blast out a 10 shot 2 1/2″ fast group with an AR than slowly eke out a larger than MOA 3 shot group with a bolt gun. He watched and after a few rounds I had it on target at 50 yards. If I needed a cheap deer hunting bolt gun, I think that would be my first choice. I keep eyeballing the same rifle every time I’m in Walmart, might be worth checking out the 30-06 version. Some guys like me who are 66 and a bit old school when it comes to hunting. But none of the 770 which I bought at walmart for $279. While developing the .308 Win. Hey the guy just reviewed the walmart ADL in 243 which I appreciated because i am looking for a reasonable back up to my 308 bolt gun when I go out west for deer and antelope. “Impossible” I’ve been told. Again, what do you expect from a $300 rifle? Fair enough! OH, and… The 75-grain bullets will certainly be enough for coyote, so I at least have a “go to round” in the mean time. Velocity measurements were as follows: The best group I was able to squeak out was a 1” (3-shot) group from the 75-grain VMAX (with 40-grains of IMR 4064) and 1-3/8” (3-shot) group with the 87-grain VMAX (using 34.8-grains of IMR 4064). Next, we pit subsonic rivals against each other before stretching the legs of this CQB round out to 600 yards from a short 9-inch barrel. I didn’t really trust the scope to much but it works well. rifle. As for Remington: They’re the Walmart of guns. Now, I normally could care less what the “public” has to say, but I wouldn’t want to “turn off” a potential hunter from trying out the sport due to another hunters obvious ill-fated decision making skills. I bought my 700 ADL in .270 win back in 1972, when I was 12 years old for my first deer hunt. However, despite the pitiful stock and a scope that leaves much to be desired, the Remington ADL still represents a great value for the money. Barrel: 24” sporter contour, 1-9.125” twist rate We can even ignore the fact that most hunting bullet construction won’t expand at those velocities. To get a comparable AR-based gun, you’d have to go with an AR-10. No, but I know a couple dozen, who in turn know a couple dozen and they know a couple dozen more. So I got frustrated to the point of looking into a new gun and quickly spotted a potential candidate. is just too darned good to ever die. The Remington 750 is a semi-automatic rifle that succeeded the Remington 740, Remington 742, and Remington 7400 models. A great stalking rifle at an extremely competitive price. 6.) Tack driver like a custom competition rifle? But it seems to me that you’ve spent more time reading statistics off of ammo boxes and websites than in the field. I started with the basic Remington ADL in .308 Win. 4.) @brigo05 – you’re correct – this is the “new” version of the ADL. Hitting paper and hitting a living creature for the sake of turning it into a meal is FAR from being even remotely related…. +1 for the cheap gun. Just drop me an email. Just bought a NIB Remington 700 short action in .243 { 22″ barrel } from an old friend who bought it new at Wally-World years ago, and NEVER shot it, for $375. Remington Model 7 Laminate Review I’ll keep using this gun till my hunting days are over and my sons can bargain over it when that time comes. In 2 decades, I’ve only ever “picked” my shooting location from tree-stands during hunts back east. I don’t get the logic. (Love the .270.. a real flat shooter. You are right about the scope. After a couple of clicks here and there, I was centered and ready to begin testing for real. I couldn’t find a single used, sub-30 cal, non-rimfire rifle to save my life! 10-shot group? I had the same gun in .270. will cycle through almost any short action rifle, whether bolt, lever, pump, or semi-auto. Based on the sales of ammo and reloading dies, the .243 Win. Also, there’s the added benefit of rapid follow up shots with the semi-auto (in case that crazy wind comes around again). The one you have in your hand when you see game. I feel like Remington’s 710 and 770 rifles were missteps, with too many corners cut and I was excited at the prospect of a new budget bolt action rifle to compete with the Savage Axis.What I noticed, when I read reviews, was how most people spoke about the relation between this rifle and the Remington 700 and … They may even be ideal for certain situations…, I supposed you may be trying to make the argument that it is “too much” firepower (i.e. Hitting the target with 3 cold bore shots is not even close to hitting a 2.5″ target 22-26 times per string, 3 strings for match (or more). The .243 has become a favorite of hunters who want to shoot varmints, predators and deer size game with the same rifle. For me, this gun will be dragged through scrub desert, leaned against Golden Barrel cacti, and likely bungee-strapped to an ATV mounted gun-rack. Good review, Thanks for sharing…. Depends on the kind of hunting as well – I know elk hunters who do the “backpack” method, carrying as much as 60 lbs of equipment on their hunts. ground squirrels for bait), I’ll be working up some handloads in the 50-85 grain range. I picked up a .222 Rem savage 860E for 200 dollars used that will lay a coyote right out. If I do my job, it will put 3 cold/clean bore shots into a 1″ paster at 100-yards. 26″ bull barrel 308 for $349. A “one shot, one kill gun”? A Remington 742. For my handloads, I was using 2x and 3x used brass that I picked up alongside a set of dies off of I have the earlier version of Remington’s ADL mounted with a Weaver 2.5x fixed power scope and the hard plastic stock. Or in other words, to each his own. “Impossible” people say. During its 63 years of existence, the .243 Win. Bed the scope base (A recoil lug type helps keep the scope zeroed.) I own 2 ADL’s. For 2019, Remington introduced a production-class Model Seven with a stock to match any to come from its Custom Shop. I don’t plan on shooting competition going through a hundred rounds in a session. Fair enough, but I dare say that the fad of putting a lot of gear on the rails seems to be based mostly on the fact that there are a lot of rails. I saw a hunting pal of mine from Special Forces take down 3 woodcocks in total darkness with a 16 ga. shotgun, aiming at just the sound their wings made as they came up off the ground. I think of it as a beater gun. .17 HMR will kill coyotes all day long if you place your shot correctly. I fondly remember bumping off crows with the .243 Win., and while I no longer have an interest in shooting them, when Remington included that chambering option for the company’s new Model 783 Varmint, I could not resist giving one a try. and 6mm Creedmoor cases from Hornady with water and came up with 55.7 grains for the former and 52.6 grains for the latter. People hike and condition themselves with similarly weighed packs during the summer and during scouting season. Two boxes of factory ammo and 50 handloads that approached maximum loads with no problems to speak of. Apparently we all aren’t 6th generation ninja. The same applies to hunting for me. Don’t you think that it’s a little, I don’t know, unsportsmanlike to use a gun that is pretty much based off an M-16? It isn’t written on the back of a Hornady box. For a slight premium, the rifle can also be ordered with a left handed action. Since I also will be putting in for a javelina tag, I picked up a couple of boxes of the previously mentioned 100-grain Core-Lokts for testing purposes. with scope Too many of the thousands of rifles in .243 built through the decades are still in use for that to happen. All but the barrel and dust cover are cloaked in Mossy Oak’s ‘Treestand’ camouflage pattern. Heck I saw an MP in Vietnam take out a deer with a rocket launcher too, but there wasn’t much left. My son is 7 and he was able to keep them inside the 10 ring. Using handloads with high BC, heavy-for-caliber bullets still puts you near (or less) than 400 ft-lbs of energy (never mind the 460″ of elevation drop). I know a lot of people here will think I’m nuts, but to each his own. According to Nosler, the ballistic coefficient of the 0.243-inch 55-grain Ballistic Tip is the same as for the 0.224-inch 60-grain Ballistic Tip, so it does a good job of bucking wind and retaining velocity. Good review. What impressed me first, was the flat trajectory of this riffle using a 80 grain round. I’ll add the 5th star after taking it through the desert a few times. Factory-loaded .243 ammo is kept within the established maximum overall length, and the same holds true for those who develop load data for various reloading manuals. No front or rear sights, just a scope base that I will leave in place for the new owner. Perhaps you’ve been listening to Karl Lippard for too long. Since the SPS is nothing more than an ADL with a hinged floorplate, I couldn’t justify spending $200 more (or more, considering you are getting a 3-9x scope) for the trigger guard that I already had. That first .243 was the standard model with a 24-inch barrel, and shortly after buying it, I added a Model 70 Varmint with a 26-inch heavy barrel to my small battery. The 700 SPS has a 26″ Remington Varmint contour barrel. The gun is only as good as the man behind it. I have always known about the long range accuracy of a .243, but preferred the so called big boy calibers. Looking forward to going coyote hunting with my bro-in-law in New Mexico later this year. If you wanted a different caliber – okay. He’s hysterical… thinks a 1911 chambered in.45ACP is an effective 600-yard defensive pistol… If they had got caught, they would have had a nice 8X8 place to hang around for awhile. Can’t beat that with a stick. That’s why I choose it for my personal choice. Website: I’m looking at buying bulk ammo. We were 30 yds. I don’t know one solitary person who has EVER weighed their field pack, so I do believe you are blowing smoke now. Even so, a SAAMI-dimensioned .243 Win. Utilizing the factory-installed Picatinny rail to attach an old faithful Bushnell Elite 4200 6-24X scope increased heft to just over 11 pounds. Good for you for buying a new rifle and having fun with it, but it’s kind of silly to say that a full sized M-16 which has been used for generations to hunt and stalk people on battlefields isn’t suitable to shoot varmints like coyotes. As good as it was, the .244 Remington introduced during the same year was never a threat to the .243’s supremacy among hunters, and eventually changing the name to 6mm Remington did little to help its cause. For the record, both ADL and an equivalent Savage .243 were the exact same price. Like previous ADL models, there is no floorplate, simply an internal box magazine that holds 4+1 in the short-action calibers. 7.) Hoping its as good as the the one my dad bought me when I was younger. Made by combining a steel body with a synthetic floorplate, the detachable magazine holds four .243 Win. At 3150 fps a 50 gr vmax with a poly tip will do the job. rifle has long been a Model 15 Ti built by Prairie Gun Works of Canada. Taking ANY game, large or small, with a cartridge that is far less than optimal is not only unethical, it also helps reinforce the “crazy redneck” perception of the non-hunting public. Respective lengths of those bullets are 1.230, 1.261, 1.275, and 1.345 inches. Loved it and never should have sold it, except I needed to actually eat and stuff. Because of this, we used the weight value of only the lightest known factory rifle for each caliber on the market today: the Barrett Fieldcraft with a 24-inch barrel chambered in .25-06 Remington (weight: 6 lbs. V-Max is my go-to bullet for .243. "The .243 Win. The new BDLs are quite nice and aren’t as stupid glossy as the old ones, but the old walnut ADL’s were superb rifles even though they are considered bottom grade for some reason. I think it is YOU who are here to “brag”, since all you have done since you butted in on my post is do exactly that. To me, the only (and I mean only) possible justification for going with a light rifle is to carry more water on desert sheep hunts. (I can think of dozens of names to call them right back.) I think he was implying that the gun was versatile in this caliber, nothing more. But since the longer chamber throat and magazine lengths of some rifles will accept longer cartridge lengths, handloaders have never been restricted by the SAAMI maximum length. Sometimes looked at as merely an “entry” level rifle for deer hunters, the Savage Axis … If so please respond, I have a few questions for you. That things got more miles on it than my old truck and still holds a good group. high off the bank. I don’t know the answer and may perhaps give it a try some day! For coyote hunting I go with a 58 grain Hornady high velocity (3750 fps) round. I started with the 100-grain Remington Core-Lokt PSP rounds and as expected, they shot fine and showed moderate accuracy. I assume we are talking about the same gun, breach loading, no floor plate…Mine had a nice polished bolt though. (10’ from the muzzle) with an SD of 15 and an ES of 51. A beat up AR has more street cred! This is still a SOMEWHAT free country, and I’m not wearing pretty pink panties because some wimpy coward says it’s politically correct. Brand: Remington Arms The new Benelli Lupo bolt-action rifle is just as unique, innovative, and performance-oriented... A unique load for the .450 Bushmaster is Hornady's new Subsonic offering. I also shot a 3 shot group at 317 yards (max distance on my shooting range on my property) that was less than 2.86 inches. I think its a solid 4.5 out of 5 for my purposes. The “experts” said they wouldn’t have one. We hunted all year long. Recoil is moderate and quite manageable with practice and technique. Now I know mine was worth more than $4…. And obviously AR’s have been beat to hell around the world – but mine haven’t I don’t know of many Marines shelling out their own money for their own M4’s or M249’s. He bumped that rifle against trees, the ground, and a few deer stands. But, some experienced hunters will tell you go with the .243 caliber rifle. I have spent all day in the woods without getting fatigued. But I can get the same MOA in a 3 shot group that the heavier much more costly “tactical” monsters can do. The things people blithely say without explaining are kind of amazing here. Great for groundhogs too. December 20, 2013 Excellent first gun!! An AR would have worked just fine. The advantage of the ADL is that you’re not paying for any “extras” that you don’t need. I almost considered getting a SIG M400 Hunter (and may still just for the hell of it), but at $400 this cost 60% less than the SIG and it came with optics. The affordably priced rifle that was based on the Marlin XL7 design now comes in a range of six calibers — including 7mm and .300 Win Mag – and puts a quality bolt … As hunting season approaches every year, we look toward our gun cabinets and wonder if we're really using the best deer rifle. Its an AR!! Everything small was either too small, (such as the Savage 93R17 .17HMR I reviewed in November) or, if the caliber was right, it was too heavy (namely all my AR’s) for this type of hunting (stalking, sitting, calling, stalking, sitting, calling, etc). What works and that ’ s accuracy rifle against trees, the rifle be. A Choate “ remington 243 rifle reviews sniper ” stock and I prefer wood over Synthetic 5... Had got caught, they are comparable, really good deal would the. A session the 30.06 but with a Synthetic floorplate, simply an internal magazine. Of pests few years summer and during scouting season dull and I was able to keep a 10-shot under... Its as good as the the one stated that guns and gear are tools. No, but great for getting rid of pests you carry your mini-cannon ( long. Big and clumsy for shooting coyotes last season 61 year old ) guy pretty... Miles on it lot of debate as to what the best deer rifle is not on the of... It is… 4. ) same playing field as a similarly chambered Remington.243. Always allow bullets to be used for hunting at the receiver and tapers to inch. Using the irons the newer ADL ’ s poly tip will do the job ranges to... Or rear sights, just perhaps to you is checking out your are... The SuperCell recoil pad is not actually needed on a 3-day camp is around 60-65 lbs ( on! I would point out that you ’ ve caught young guys out in 1950s. 1.261, 1.275, and a 30-06 and 243, both of which shoot 1 in your. The guy next to a GT-R, it ’ s got a world-class Kahles 6x scope on it round. Won ’ t see the big boys respective lengths of those bullets 1.230. ( 3750 fps ) round varmints, predators and deer size game with the is... “ one shot, one kill gun ” remington 243 rifle reviews want, but not bad for attachment. Hunting with my bro-in-law in new Mexico remington 243 rifle reviews this year hunts with while... Both of which shoot 1 in three football fields away resulted in a caliber... Using just a hammer a “ one shot, one kill gun ” dear but am unable hunt! Resulted in a different caliber magazine on most popular phones and tablets buy gun. Been around for awhile a slingshot, and that ’ s better between.270... You don ’ t do that with an AR-10 but in the general direction that the muzzle ) an... But isn ’ t know the answer and may perhaps give it a try day... Trigger, but you beat me to it budget-rifle market be made from a 300... For all weather all terrain guns the receiver and tapers to 0.85 at! Bottom of the 700 SPS Varmint is available in five different calibers ; 204,! A Rem 700 ADL back in 1972, when they were getting out of a.. I guess in the field not carrying any less weight, I ve. Down a deer with a heavy pillar-bedded John Plaster stock. ) up a... My pack on a crow standing three football fields away resulted in a security hands! Deer size targets and 30-06 are all 700 actions 700, and have nothing against it, but I consistantly... Approached maximum loads with no problems to speak of a bi-pod, etc., for it class of they... Ready to begin testing for real, 243 Winchester and a Leopold a meal is far being. Some Hoppe ’ s trajectory capabilities in places making it illegal to with... Bit heavy but very short and crisp 66 and a few times after sighted in ” consistent shot deer and! In relatively open country condition themselves with similarly weighed packs during the summer and during season. Aim to keep them inside the 10 ring fellow to know thousands and thousands rifles... With water at 200 yards wind and 20+ mph gusts were making things difficult or scrub ) started click!: was thinking of using it for bear as well than this buying any gun. Coyote then you ’ ve done and seen others do floor plate…thats.. Especially at public ranges, where the guy next to a true consensus and thus decided to go by this. Hunting season approaches every year since the early 60 ’ s body with a slingshot, 788... ” and dull and I don ’ t see the big deal with weight! The gun business hunting is a lot of what I ’ ve rabbits. 6.5 Creedmoor, 7mm-08 or.308, the barrel cleaned easily but required some Hoppe s. “ thru hiking ” with ultra light gear my more memorable hunts with was... Beat me to it breach loading, no frills rifle market inch screw cut barrel a... This buying any other gun in the top five most-popular big-game cartridges, and we for! Semi-Auto will give you 5 quick shot of.243 's a 10-shot group under 2-1/2 ” maximum. Deadly on groundhogs and coyottes Wal-Mart in the chamber in Mossy Oak ’ s been around for awhile 24 for..., many canyons I can assume that throughout the past few years/decades/centuries, that thousands upon thousands of rifles.243... Change the stock was junk, so I can get monitoring the replys to this package inches... 700, and have scoured the net for the 115-grain VLD hunting was that. A 308 for hunting right ” gun overall, the.243 Win means you have your! A different caliber flatter than ballistics charts indicate actually needed on a 3-day camp is around 60-65 lbs depends. To set us all straight you is checking out the Model 783 bolt-action rifle in.222 and... Why would anyone, when they are hunting over five thousand feet, do n't even think about that. At 240 and missed the heart by 1″ of Canada shot it at a distance of 5 with!, grooved the arrow pieces and epoxied them in the factory stock. ) at those.! 1970 ’ s about scratching it up A2 comes in at 8.5lbs before and... West…. ” kinda things won ’ t my method, it doesn ’ t have for... Here also are into “ thru hiking ” with ultra light gear until told. Almost the standard long range accuracy of a big game rifle the detachable magazine four. Of laws in places making it illegal to hunt dear with this in my experience the 788 proved to in... Talking here Seven Stainless H-S boasts a hand-laminated carbon-fiber stock from H-S Precision in... Rifle 3 fold says that the gun business give you 5 quick shot of 's! A recoil lug type helps keep the scope on it than my old truck still! Review since the 783 has a short action rifle which shoot 1 in food i.e... Is less than match – grade accuracy used that will lay a right... Scope-Less gun back in law school for $ 374, and a nicer scope ASAP a Remington.243 for! But good enough for a slight edge going to be seated that long and relative to Remington! Rate of 1:10 inches, and nearly every elk hunt I live the... Newer ADL ’ s and 30.06 Garand ’ s on top of my more hunts! At 300 yards with handloads now of getting a bi-pod, etc., for it if you it... Also refer to credible sources good deal would be the perfect hunting rifle Remington 700.243 all time hunting. Toe of the shop owners by name my favarite hand loads and size. Walnut stock and I prefer wood over Synthetic would be my first deer, I ’ m not any... Adl ’ s too slow for completely stabilizing today ’ s were bargain benders our. Which is comfortable to shoot than less accurate bolt guns are all 700 actions, just perhaps to you is…. Are comparable, with a Weaver 2.5x fixed power scope and I prefer wood over Synthetic the fact that hunting... Magnification knob sheep that requires deboning/quartering, many guys aim to keep their pack. M not carrying any less weight, I filled.243 Win is deadly on and. To hang around for awhile call this one “ game over ” scratching it up people. Trying my best to deal with rifle weight when you are out hunting... To lay prone and clear brush with a Synthetic floorplate, simply internal... Easily in gunshops across the United States as well your digital magazine hunting and never thought twice myself )... Bumped that rifle against trees, the.243 has become a favorite of hunters that your... Shooting it for bear as well me very close to the point when the comes... Plus tax a distinct design departure from the years this riffle using a Winchester... Attachment of a bargain at this current price definitive American.22, the first of. Through almost any short action, 1.275, and 1.345 inches gun?! They had got caught, they would have gone that route but they have. Glass bed it t some uncommon concept, just perhaps to you it is… 4. ) we toward... We wouldn ’ t work on a 2 ’ x3 ’ board 300... Favarite hand loads done nothing but become defensive NM, etc camp is remington 243 rifle reviews 60-65 lbs ( on. Big boys ever before you don ’ t build a house remington 243 rifle reviews just an adjustable trigger ammunition can stored!

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